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From 3 to 2: Why Kinderfeets' Tiny Tot Balance Bike Is the Perfect Starting Point for Active Littles

The feature that makes the Tiny Tot Balance Bike one of the most popular vehicles in the Kinderfeets Collection is it's 2-in-1 component. Children as young as 12 months old can find joy in exploring the world on 3 wheels! And, when they're ready, a back wheel can easily be removed from the Tiny Tot for children to begin riding on two wheels instead. This innovative design encourages little adventurers to build confidence and skills at their own pace – eventually equipping them with everything they need to transition to a 2-wheeled pedal bike like the big kids!

From Three Wheels to Two

The Tiny Tot Balance Bike starts as a 3-wheeled bike, providing young children with added stability as they learn to sit on, ride, stand and walk with the bike. This stage is perfect for tiny ones who are just beginning to explore the concept of balance and coordination.

As children grow more confident and comfortable with the trike, a rear wheel can easily be removed – transforming the Tiny Tot into a traditional two-wheeled balance bike. This stage allows children to further develop their balance and coordination skills, ride more freely and dynamically, and prepare for the transition to a pedal bike!

Adjustable Seat and Low, Step-through Frame

The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Balance Bike features an adjustable seat, allowing it to grow with your child, ensuring a comfortable fit at every stage of their development. Further, a low step-through frame makes it easy for kids to step on and off the bike.

If your child has outgrown the original Tiny Tot, the Tiny Tot Plus is a larger version that accommodates children up to 55 pounds. Alternatively, the Classic Balance Bike is a traditional two-wheeled balance bike suitable for children up to 65 pounds.

Encouraging Independence

By providing children with Balance Bikes and Trikes they can easily control and maneuver, Kinderfeets encourages independence and self-confidence. Kids love being able to do things on their own, and riding alongside their older siblings, friends, and parents gives them a sense of accomplishment and belonging!

The Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Balance Bike is not only a fun and engaging toy for young children but also a valuable tool for building the essential physical skills needed to navigate pedal-powered bikes and more adventurous riding. With its innovative design, smooth transition, and focus on safety and comfort, the Tiny Tot Balance Bike is the perfect choice for parents looking to introduce their child to the world of cycling in a safe and enjoyable way.

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